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Name of Person Filling in Form
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THE Mark
Please provide us with a little information about the mark you seek to register. If you are unsure, that's okay. A member of our intellectual property practice group will contact you to discuss the information you provide.
What type of mark are you interested in applying to register?
If you have selected "Plain Text" or "In a Special Font / Design" above, please type the text you would like to apply to register precisely as you have been (or intend to be) using it. Use exact spelling including any additional punctuation, apostrophes, hyphens, etc. If your'e applying for a trademark for a logo without any text, just type "graphic logo".
Please provide a general description of the type of product(s) or service(s) the mark is being (or will be) used with (it can be more than one). Examples: WARBY PARKER is “Sunglasses”, FRAMEWORK LAW GROUP is “Legal Services”, PENDLETON is “men's wear and women's wear, namely coats, jackets, shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, slacks, trousers, robes, vests,caps, hats, ties; clothing accessories, namely mufflers and slippers.”
Have you taken steps to ensure there aren’t any conflicting trademarks or other issues which may prevent the registration of your trademark or cause you legal disputes in the future? If so, please briefly describe the steps taken. If not, we are happy to assist.
Have you previously applied to register this mark?
Your Use of the mark
Have you already started using this mark?
Date of First Use
Date of First Use
If you have already started using the mark, when was the date you first used the mark anywhere? This could be something like writing a blog about your new product, or could even be the same day you made your first sale, whichever is earlier.
If you have already started using the mark, for each of the types of goods and services you listed above: When was the earliest date any type of actual use of the mark was made (i.e. date of your first sale of product bearing the mark, or the first date in which you rendered any of the services for which the mark is being registered)?
Ownership of Registration
Indicate the type of owner by selecting on one of the options that appears in this section, e.g., "individual," "corporation," "partnership."
If you have selected a business, please proceed to the "Business Owner" section, below.
Individual Owner
Please provide the legal first name of the owner.
Please provide the legal middle initial of the owner. If owner has no middle initial, leave blank.
Please provide the legal last name of the owner.
Please select the owner's country of citizenship.
If Individual owner, please proceed to "Owner Address" section, below.
Business Owner
Has your business been formally registered with any State or Country?
Enter the full legal name of the business, i.e., the name of the corporation, partnership, or other entity that will own the registration, not the person or firm completing the application.
State or Country Where Business is Legally Organized
Is the business currently in "good standing" with the State or Country it is legally organized?
Owner Address
Enter the owner's internal address, e.g., Suite 200, or Room 10G3, if any.
Enter the owner's street address or the rural delivery route. A P.O. box address is also acceptable. NOTE: You must limit your entry here to no more than 40 characters (the storage limit for the USPTO database). You may need to abbreviate some words, e.g., St. instead of Street. Failure to do so may result in an undeliverable address.
Enter the name of the city in which the owner is located. If the address is in a foreign country, also enter the territory, state, or province in the City field e.g., Toronto ON.
For addresses in the United States, enter the state in which the owner is located by selecting from the drop-down menu. NOTE: You must include as part of the "City" entry any information related to geographical regions (e.g., provinces) not found in the dropdown lists for "States" or "Countries." Enter the city and then the geographical region, separated by a comma (e.g., Toronto, Ontario). In most instances, you will then also have to select the country within which the region is found, below.
Enter the country in which the owner is located by selecting from the drop-down menu.
Enter the U.S. zip code or foreign country postal identification code of the owner's address.
Application Signatory
Enter the full legal name of the person signing the application.
Enter the appropriate title or the nature of the relationship to the owner- if an individual, enter "Owner"; if an authorized signatory of a business entity enter, e.g., "President," "Vice President," "General Partner" (if a partnership), or "Principal" (if a limited liability company).
Final Steps
Specimen Sample *
Provide a sample of your trademark being used in commerce. Examples can include: • Photos of product tags displaying the trademark actually attached to the good. • A screenshot of a website where you sell your goods or services that also displays the trademark on the page.



If you are not already a Framework client, we will get right back to you with a quote and will coordinate other necessary details with you prior to filing your trademark application. Completing this form does not establish an attorney client relationship unless confirmed by us in writing.