Framework Feature: The Yellow Loft

The Yellow Loft Founder, Katrina Luong

The Yellow Loft Founder, Katrina Luong

  1. What do you do?
    We are a boutique print, packaging, and design studio. We specialize in branding + packaging and offer to a select clientele marketing collateral and space design. We have niches in health and beauty (makeup + skin care), fashion, and food and beverage.

  2. Why the name?
    I had an idea that I wanted a name that was personable, friendly, and creative. The space being a loft and yellow being happy. It made sense!

  3. What inspired you to create Yellow Loft?
    I have had a passion for the industry ever since college. There's something about tactile, tangible qualities. I kinda geek out about manufacturing and printing. I really enjoy how things are made.

  4. How did it start in college?
    I have a BFA in Visual Communication. I taught for 2 years at Cal State Long Beach. It's interesting to share your perspective and get fresh perspective back when you teach. I originally started the business in Long Beach and through time it evolved and the more I took on full ownership of the creative vision. I focus on people and the work - I believe money and success will come later. 

  5. Who were your mentors?
    I’ve always had design professionals I’ve admired, but they weren’t my fuel. Back when in school there were more guys than girls in the field. What really motivated me in college was my class had a lot of guys. There were guys who felt insecure with a girl being better. There were moments where their moments of insecurity was projected onto me and that fueled me to do better. Being a female minority, and even more, a female entrepreneur, drove me to do my thing. I know my self worth, I know what I can do, and I believe in cultivating a team.

  6. What inspires you?
    I'm inspired by a lot of other studios. There is this man who runs a studio in Greece called Mouse Graphics. There is also a studio in Mexico City that does beautiful work - AnaGrama. I tend to like more international work than local work. The people I surround myself with inspire me, too. My team, staff, friends - they're all an inspiration. Being at the Unique space as our office space drives me as well. I feel a strong desire to position myself as a substantial creative force to reckon with. What's also inspiring is being acknowledged for the work that we do. A personal motto has always been not looking to be well known, but what’s more important to me is being worth knowing.

  7. You're killin' it with what you're creating with your clients. How do you do it?
    Mentality. I'd say the mentality is more: what do we need to do to get stuff done? I give a lot of creative direction and I love mixing things up!

  8. What are you working on right now?
    - Mexican tile project
    - Wrapping up a style guide for Forever21
    - Packaging a product in ceramic
    - Launching a few beauty brands
    - Picked up donut packaging deal!

  9. Describe your white unicorn client/creative collaboration.
    Doing non-client work! Doing something we think is beautifully designed and we think is something we would want for ourselves. 

  10. Where are you five years from now?
    The Yellow loft has expanded and evolved our portfolio so its like “hot shit”
    That may not necessarily be exponential growth. I'd also love to be able to work remotely and travel for a month on end - as long as the work gets done! 
    We definitely have more creatives on our team that are thriving and producing creativity and be able to do it anywhere in the world.