Framework Feature: Weekend Society

Jason and Andres (L-F), Founders of Weekend Society.

Jason and Andres (L-F), Founders of Weekend Society.

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  1. What do you do?
    We are advocates for a specific lifestyle and state of mind. “The Weekend” State of mind: to live in a way that you never grow boring. The weekend doesn’t start at the end of the week. There are opportunities everyday - creative, adventurous manifestations of our passion projects.

  2. What inspired you to create Weekend Society? 
    After discussions with each other, we began to explore what shape of what we were creating was going to take. A lot of what we are advocating is “to do”. We wanted a medium to share these messages of our name and mission in the most visible and impactful way. We saw clothing as the perfect fit.

  3. Why the name?
    We settled on the weekend terminology because it embodies a commonality we had.  Coming up with “society” took a while. We asked ourselves, “How do we represent a collective group of people that all stand for the same thing?” Society encompassed that for us.

  4. Who were your mentors?
    Our mentorship came from different forms and different groups. Andres had many relationships with awesome graphic designers like Shepard Fairey. I (Jason) drew mentor moments from my background in music and writing. People we met along the way, who shared what they've learned in clothing and the fashion industry, were also great mentors.

  5. Did you dabble in any other creative areas other than fashion?
    Jason: For the start, it was books. I won my city’s young authors competition in the 2nd grade. Then I started doing music in my “angsty” years and my writing really manifested in high school and onward through city competitions I took part in.  It was in college where I hit the writing front full force - it's also when I began playing in bands full force, too. I eventually had some thing published. Creating this fashion line was one of those moments that allowed me to take all this knowledge - publishing, writing for music - and create what is now Weekend Society with Andres.

    Andres: I majored in graphic design and have always been interested in drawing and sketching. I was thinking about wanting to design cars, then saw where you have and don't have creative control. The eventually led to now, being able to have that freedom with Weekend Society

  6. You're killin' it. How do you do it?
    Growing organically. We came in from the start saying, “We are going to organically grow.”
    We wanted to bring an intentionality to every aspect of what we do. From social media that began an active following, to keeping an organic approach to spreading our brand across different channels and business aspects, out intentionality keeps us authentic.

  7. What are you creating now-a-days?
    Fall items. Shorts, shirts, layers. We're working on the wholesale side of things and moving toward getting our brand into stores - keeping in mind organic growth and being intentional where we want our items.

  8. Describe your white unicorn client/creative collaboration. What happened?
    Pure Vida bracelets down in San Diego. It was a collaboration where intention was the first thing we talked about. We Created a Weekend Society Pure Vida bracelet and promoted it across both channels. It was a great opportunity where both of us were able to share about the other’s mission that essentially reinforced our own mission. We both equally enjoyed what the other is up to, stands for, and creating in the world. It's definitely one of the most exciting partnerships to date.

  9. Any fun collaborations moving forward?
    We are working with a blogger whose latest project is documenting her adventures in a trailer she travels in with her boyfriend. She photographs everything she does and her exploration of the world. She thought of design elements that she liked and we are looking to creating a piece with her. She's a society member and really connects with our message. Creating something with our society members on their adventures is a great collaboration in itself.

  10. It's 2020. Where is Weekend Society?

    We have a much broader presence in 15-30 year old demographic. People have an association with what Weekend Society is and stands for. We have hit a point where people outside of Los Angeles and beyond California are starting to see our stuff. Whether it's at an event, or in a store shopping, or walking by someone wearing our stuff.  By 2020 we are growing the "weekend state of mind."