Get professional assistance to ensure you’re compliant with all rules and regulations governing your workers. Some common types of worker classifications and rules include: 

Unpaid Interns — Must be an educational experience for the intern. Ideally they should be getting school credit. They cannot be hired instead of hiring other workers. If anything they should sometimes be a drain on your business due to the time you take to educate them. 

Independent Contractors — Independent workers (1099) who provide goods and services with a higher level of autonomy from your business (i.e. you are their client). They are simply paid for their goods or services and are not subject to many of the requirements employers must abide by for employees. However, if you exert too much control in your relationship with the worker, the government may determine that they are an employee and you will be subject to normal rules for employers. 

Employees — Company workers (W2) who you exert a higher level of control over. Requires that you abide by employer rules, including holding workers compensation insurance and paying appropriate taxes on wages.


This guide is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Please contact us for professional assistance.