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This form is intended for Framework clients to help us better identify and serve your legal needs. Specifically, it reviews a number of different aspects of your business so that we can develop a profile of your venture's assets, activities, obligations, and risk exposure. 

It will take approximately 20-40 minutes to complete depending on the level of detail included. You are welcome to skip questions you aren't prepared to answer or have questions about. 

After you submit the form, we will provide the following: 

  • Complimentary Consultation - We will follow-up to coordinate a consultation with you to review your profile, including issue-spotting and our legal recommendations. 
  • Complimentary Calendaring and Reminders - We will schedule reminders for when certain filings are due, along with any other upcoming deadlines we identify.
  • Big Picture Advising - Going forward when you have questions or needs, we will be able to reference your profile to take into account "the big picture" and better advise the way you navigate your legal. 


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Business Address
What is your venture's entity type?
If you have more than one venture, you can list them below.
For Sole Proprietors or General Partnerships: All owner names and ownership percentages For S-Corps, C-Corps, or LLCs: Entity name; State of registration; All owner names and ownership percentages
Entity name; Entity type; State of registration; Owners and ownership percentages; Type of business
Check all of the following that apply to your venture:
Check all of the following licenses, permits, and registrations you have registered in the name of your business entity:
Type of license, permit, or registration; City state or county where it is registered; Date of registration; Registration number
Have you submitted applications for any of the following?
For Trademarks - Trademark Text (if any); Application number For Copyrights - Title of work or collection; Type of work; Application number For Patents - Patent title; Type of patent; Type of application; Application number
Check all of following contracts you have prepared for your business
For example, "Ongoing design work for major corporate client", "Distribution deal with retail outlet" "Partnership agreement with another business for a project" "Routine services for clients using our in-house template"
Check all of the following that apply to your business
# of W2 employees; # of 1099 workers; # of unpaid interns
Check all of the following that apply to your business
Party names; Nature of legal dispute; Name of any court or case numbers; Nature of any resolutions or judgments
Check all of the following that apply to your business